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Welcome to Lemmesearch, A very right platform for your Free Classifieds and Business Listing. Lemmesearch will do the job of promoting your business and helping it grow because we believe our growth lies when you grow. At Lemmesearch we aim in making life simple of our users at Navi Mumbai and to help business grow for our local service firms. Providing free classifieds services, we not only connect customers to the business but we also believe in empowering and providing platform to the new and upcoming businesses that need to sell their products and services immediately.

Whether it is Electronics, Gadgets, House Decorative, Gardening, Buying musical instruments, cars, commercial vehicles or it is about renting a house/owning a house in Navi Mumbai, Lemme search Free Classifieds bring you the most updated information with competitive prices that fits your pocket. Hope you like our content and services and spread the word out to those who are looking for the right and precise information through free classifieds. We are here…Waiting to Serve

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