Top 10 Courses Can Get You Job Easily

Searching a job these days has become a difficult task in Navi Mumbai. Despite of having major companies situated in Navi Mumbai candidates are unable to fetch a job. Here are few courses below which will simplify your chances of getting a new job.

  1. Computer programmer:

IT professionals are taken more seriously and all thanks to the fast paced world of computers and increase in growth of online users. We all know that India has the highest number of MNCs established here in the past 10-12 years and is rapidly growing to and hence there are lot of job opportunities available in this field.

What do you need: Graduation in Engineering like BSC IT/ BE/ BTech/ Mtech and so on. You need basic programming language course like Java, oracle, DBA and also good command over English language. Many companies require candidates at entry level.

  1. Management consultant:

As we all know almost every company needs a consultant to manage the growth and expansion of the firm. Hence there are many companies hiring candidates from outside the company. This also helps firm you get new and fresh ideas to implement on.

What do you need: You have many short/ long term consultant courses available in different Institutes. You simply need to choice your area of interest like business, economics, finance, mathematics, engineering and natural sciences and go ahead.

  1. Nurse:

Medical Industry is yet another booming industry. With advance technology and need of medical assistance, there are a lot of hospitals which requires nurse and helping staff.

What do you need: Undergrad/ Grad in science background can opt for a basic nursing course in govt or private institute. Upon completion of the course, one can easily avail a job in a hospital or clinic.

  1. Accountant:

As discussed earlier, with the number of growth in the companies there will be a huge need of accountant in the finance department.

What do you Need: Undergrad/ Grad in commerce background should do an advance tally course and can start job hunt.

  1. Stock Market Professionals:

Stock Market industry needs fresher or experienced Bcom graduate and if you have the ability to analyze a situation and maintain calm then this is surely your field. Many people join these companies to learn and then after a couple of years later start their own broking firms.

What do you need: graduate can join as a broker in any trading companies.

  1. BPO Professionals:

This is an unbeaten industry in the past 10 years especially in India. With the increasing number of BPO there is lot of manpower required too. BPO doesn’t necessarily require any specific educational criteria, so any graduate or undergrad can easily become a part of BPO.

What do you need: Good command over English. Proactive with clients on phone. If your communication is average then you may join English Speaking Course and then apply for these types of jobs.

  1. Social media manager:

These days Social Media Manager plays a very vital role in Branding any company or product. They have deep understanding of the market and thus help companies to achieve desired results.

What do you need: You need to have basic understanding of digital marketing. There are a lot of institutes like and so on who teaches you basics and advance of digital marketing.

  1. Data analyst

Almost all the companies across sectors are mainly focusing on hiring data analytics as a function, which means the profile of a data analyst is undergoing major reinvention. Today’s data analysts should be able to identify trends quickly which will ensure the company can leverage these to its best benefit.

What do you need: You have many online/ offline courses available these days. Choose the one with your area of interest and then go ahead.

  1. Quality testing

Testing is one of the most important jobs in navi Mumbai. Lot of companies are hiring manual and system testers for different work.

What do you need: There are many institutes who provide short/ long term testing courses in navi Mumbai.

  1. Digital architect

IT is the rapidly growing field across industries. An architect is needed to shape solutions for clients and provide the delivery of it. This role is necessary integration, ERP, SCM, ecommerce, etc. A digital architect must have advance knowledge of Java, JSF, Spring, JUnit, Hibernate, Log4j or other logging framework. This skillset is evolving to add understanding Design Patterns, XP, .NET, Java/J2EE or similar industry standards.

What do you need: You need to understand your ability to perform on a programming language and then opt for advance courses like in Java, Oracle, DB and so on. We have any online courses available for the same which are well suited for budgeted candidates.

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