How to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

According to a recent study, a recruiter spend few seconds on an average to review your resume before making up their mind whether you are a best fit for the job or not. It means your first impression is the most important factor in your CV. Hence we are here to simply your complexity and help your resume to stand out from the crowd.

  • Start Strong

To seek attention of a recruiter start resume with a summary of your skills and key accomplishments. It helps recruiter to know who exactly you are, and making a good first impression of you.

  • Emphasize on achievements instead of responsibilities

While writing your resume it is very important to stress on achievements with reliable data to prove it rather than simply listing your past responsibilities.

  • Resume should be error free and easy to understand

A recruiter concludes typos and errors as unprofessional and lazy attitude towards work. Therefore you need to be polished and have error free resume which should be easily understood by the recruiter with all necessary information mentioned on the first page.

  • Use professional Format but don’t forget the basics

Your resume should have any negative information about your past employment. Never discuss personal qualities or hobbies as the employers aren’t interested in it either way.  Always stick to your career goals. And always remember that your resume will not stand out if the basics aren’t right.

  • Use of power words

If you don’t wish your resume to pile up in “NO” then use power words like Adapatable, innovative, implemented, developed, managed, achieved and team player. Many companies have applies filter to the search criteria and if you don’t use such words then your CV will get eliminated from the recruiter’s list.

  • Find your selling point

Job search is very competitive. It means every application that you submit is against those numerous other candidates who apply for the same skill sets. Thankfully, your selling point can set you apart. Your extracurricular activities and active participation on social media in a positive way will help to stand out in a crowd and of course these things to have relevancy with your job. This creates your strong chances of acquiring a job.

Finally, ensure you resume is easy-to-navigate, with your work experience, achievements, education, hobbies and personal details listed in a well organised way.

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