Get a Stylish and Eye Catching Body Tattoo

Eye catchy tattoos are not only gaining attention in public but also highly visible and marketed by everyone. Nowadays, tattoo designs in India have become a style statement for young generation. Does such colorful tattoo designs on others body attracts you? Well, you’re not the only one.

No matter what is trendy, you can get tattoo wherever you want and best suitable for your style and personality. So today I will suggest some of the right spots to get a tattoo and flaunt these amazing color and designs on your body.



  • Fingers: This one is the most eye-catching but classy one. Individuals who want attention normally choose finger tattoos and they normally get the names of their dear ones.
  • Wrist: It is a sensitive place and needs much care and attention while getting inked but wrist tattoos showcase the strength and a lot of power.
  • Ankle:  Designs like butterflies, flowers and angels are all popular feminine for such ankle tattoos. One can select design signifying their independence and freedom.
  • Chest: Wide ranges of tattoo designs are available, as the chest is broad enough to display any kind of artwork being the most appealing parts of the body.
  • Sternum:  Intricate design best suits for this gorgeous area below the breasts. And obviously, there would be very few girls who don’t want to draw a bit of extra attention towards them?
  • Biceps and Arms: Most important thing about this spot is easy to hide, not painful and looks quite sexy. This spot is ideal for quotes, scripts, inspirational phrases and names as well.
  • Spine: This one is especially suggested for women. As the spine builds a gorgeous curve which looks amazing with backless dresses.

If all this excites you then, don’t just wait… It’s time to go into a tattoo parlor and get yourself a beautiful tattoo!

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