Five Reasons Why You don't like your Job

While travelling in public transport you may have seen that most of the people don’t seem enthusiastic to go to work. If you trick up a conversation with fellow commuters, you’ll hear complains about how they dislike their jobs; office environment and boss.

Why do you feel people hate their job?

  1. Don’t allow you to be creative at work

Your company has certain rules and regulation in terms of your work ethics. Sure, this help to maintain discipline at work but at times you feel creative and come up with unique ideas to improvise your work and give better results. Here’s the problem t your work place, no one seems to know the difference. People follow protocol without thinking and even if it doesn’t make sense to them.

  1. You don’t like you supervisor and colleagues

You wonder how your boss secured this job. They wear brands and yet unable to make work decisions. You are not always right but some of your decisions or ideas make sense for the betterment of the organisation yet not appreciated or presented the way it should be. You find it hard to get along with your colleagues / subordinates due to their complex personalities at work.

  1. Your work schedule is uneven

Your office timings are not fixed and you are required to be at work at times when your personal commitments are most important. Your family life goes for a toss making it difficult to shuffle yourself between work and home.

  1. Out of your comfort zone

Your company asks you to make presentations and other stuff in which you not good at, it makes you feel sick at work. You feel that you self esteem are at stake and the world is going to end now. This is one the core reason why you would hate your job the most.

  1. Your don’t like company politics

When your company’s value and your own terms don’t align, you feel like a victim under arrest. Your boss plays dirty politics and your opportunity is always given to others instead of you. Your ideas are not flourished and are presented in a negative way.

If any of these are your reasons to hate your job then it is the right time to change your job and search for the one which will give you peace and will enhance your abilities rather than making you one of the above.

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