Diwali should be celebrated as Lightening Festival and not a Noisy Affair

Diwali is a festival of light and happiness and that noise of crackers is an integrated part of it. While a matter of excitement and fun to some, it was mostly troublesome for rest.

However over the years, there has been a sharp decline in the number of people bursting crackers with some either becoming environmentally conscious or considering the money spent a waste. Either ways, many Navi Mumbaikars prefer a brighter but noise free Diwali.

Some people has not been bursting crackers since childhood as they are afraid and felt that spending so much is a total waste. And when there are many ways of celebrating the festival in a better way, why pollute the environment and trouble people?

Diwali’s happiness is in making and sharing sweets and lighting Diyas, adding color in their own way by wearing new clothes, making Rangolis.

Sometimes it is fine to burn less noisy crackers as they don’t bother others much by its noise pollution.

Many people in society has their own pets and since the sound of crackers upsets them, many choose to refrain from loud and noisy crackers.

Parents feel that schools are doing a great job of changing children’s mindset. They are taking various competitions like Akashakandil making, Diya making, etc and diverting their mind to make Diwali stress free and noise free.

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