About us

Lemmesearch.com is one of the leading classified portal available or users across India. Lemmesearch.com is all about bringing the buyers close to their dreams and in providing quality and wide range items for their needs. We also offer variety of services such as classifieds, jobs, sale and purchase of properties, shopping services and much more at are cost effective and competitive prices.

Since its commencement in 2017 has become a most preferred platform for users to buy, sell, or find the lot more from their needs best fit to their budget. Lemmesearch.com is focused on caring about the customers and helping them to reach their needs without any intermediaries. Looking for a new car or used car? Want to sell commercial property or Want to buy a Flat? Need a new job or a job change? Looking for a baby care – we commit on getting it all done for you.

Lemmesearch.com has left a memorable footprint and we continue to work towards building the future of trading and e-commerce making lives easy and accessible towards correct information.Consumers come to us with their very particular need –either for buying, selling or finding something for their use – through our wide range of categories including cars, properties, homes, jobs and various other services. Furnished with powerful information on all the above categories, brands and best prices lemmesearch.com can target audiences with high intent and purchasing power and ensure the maximum impact for its campaigns. Whether it is about selling your pew-owned car or buying a pre-owned TV, searching for baby care or finding a job, getting information on Education or buying a new house – we help our customers simplify their lives every single day.